Need to regear your Toyota?


Get a new set of gears installed for $2050 + tax, labor included!


Fill out the form below to request an appointment.

Please fill out the form below to request to regear your Toyota. We will contact you within 15 minutes* to make an appointment.
*During normal business hours. Requests submitted after normal business hours will be responded to by the morning of the next business day.

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  • $2050 installed (does not include tax)
  • Price covers parts and labor
  • Revolution Gear and Axle parts used
  • Choose your available gear ratio
  • Half Day Installation
  • Includes a complimentary gear oil change for front and rear differentials 500 miles after regear
  • Included master install kits on pre 2016 models

If your Toyota is not listed in our submission form, please contact us at with your vehicle and contact details. We’ll reach to you within 10 minutes*

*During normal business hours